Simonyan, Haik

(Rus. Симонян Гайк Мушегович; Born 1972 (48), Erevan) is a Russian fashion designer and show director of Armenian origin, founder of Fedya&Haik Ltd., working and living in Moscow. Haik actively promoting vegetarianism and yoga [1]. 0.4 *

Name: Haik
Surname: Symonyan
Other: Симонян Гайк
Born: 1972
Age: 48
City: Erevan
Venue: Bionica Show
Founder: of Fedya&Haik Ltd.
Facebook: 501
Instagram: 1750
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
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Haik at Baikal bar & restaurant in Sochi at VTB Formula One party

VTB / Facebook



Decoration of the scene of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses for the concert Moserrat Caballe, March 1995

Laureate of the Third Competition of Professional Designers. N. Lamanova in the Moscow House of Fashion Vyacheslav Zaitsev, (his first collection of clothes). May 1996

Winner of the Avant-garde fashion festival “Mammoth” in the city of Minsk, January 1996

Winner of the international festival “World Design Award Smirnoff”.

Winner of the festival “Alba Fashion”, Moscow.

The jewelry author’s work, created by Khaik Simonyan together with the Yute-Jewelry Theater workshop for the Alros company, is kept in Gokhran of the Russian Federation;

Multiple winner of the All-Russian competition “Dress of the Year.”

Grand Prix and crown of the International Alternative Design Competition “Alternative Miss World” by Andrew Logan in London, October 2004. and laureate - December 1998,

Repeated winner of the international festival-competition “May Fashion” in Moscow.

Creation of the theater of plastic performances “Bionica”, the theater show successfully traveled around 15 countries of the CIS, Europe and America.

Pierre Cardin Diploma for showing the collection at the castle of Lacoste in the Luberon.

Participation in charity festivals “Altrnative Hair Show” in the “Royal Albert Hall” (London) from 2009 to 2014, the funds raised go to the Foundation to combat childhood leukemia in London and Moscow.

Production of the show “My Pacific Ocean” with the participation of the 21st world photographer, Russian musicians, artists and the “Bionica” theater at the World Economic Forum APEC in Vladivostok in 2012.

Production of the “Bionica” show at the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

Fashion performances: Relusion. With Mario Krankl - Color Zoom - Los Angeles 2013, Nokia Theater.

The guest of honor of the Fashion Week in Moscow with a show-show of the “Hackers of Dreams” collection at the close of the week November 2014.

Staging the show and the development of scenery at the World Economic Forum at the InterContinental Hotel in Davos (commissioned by VTB) January 2015

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Costumes from “Proserpine in the realm of the dead” collection by Fyodor Dodonov and Haik Simonyan on the professional forum of employees of the ritual business “Necropol-Tanexpo 2017”

Photo: Evgenii Chesnokov / Russian blogger

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[1] На ВДНХ собрались хранители ритуала (Russian blogger)

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