(Rus. / Eng. Original spell; Updated / Est. / Born 2018 (2), Moscow) is a / an Russian writer based in Europe [1]. 0.0 *

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Updated / Est. / Born: 2018
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(Est. 2013, city) is a (Rus. Синсеризм) 1st dec. 00s, Moscow, is a term for vector in contemporary art evolution that follows after postmodernism. The term of Sincerism firstly was noted by Evgeny Stasenko. [1].

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Sincerism Basic characteristics

The lack of a unified style Sincerity Immediacy The subordination of form and content No frills and layers The impossibility of imitation Arts separated from creativity Each piece is self-sufficient Conversation of the author and the viewer Humanism Clear ethical position

(Est. 2013, city) is a — [1].


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Sincerism Conspectus

Year City
2017 Moscow

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[1] Авгиевы конюшни нашего времени (Сноб, Евгений Стасенко)

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