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(Rus. / Eng. Original spell; Updated / Est. / Born 2018 (2), Moscow) is a / an Russian writer based in Europe [1]. 0.0 *

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Updated / Est. / Born: 2018
Age: 2
City: Moscow
Venue: Red Square
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(Est. 2013, city) is a 100 most influential people in Russian fashion (Rus. 100 самых влиятельных персон русской моды) est. 2014—an annual ranking conducted by Russian edition SNC [1].

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SNC 100 MIPRF The technique

The rating is based on data from Medialogia (Russia first automated real-time media monitoring and analysis systems) and SNC editorial points system. All persons are spread in categories (buyers, jewelers, designers, PR), each category has its own coefficient of influence.

The coefficient

Buyers 1.3 PR 1.2 Jewelers 0.9 VIP 0.8 Stylists 0.6 Make up artists 0.6 Photographers 0.6

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