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Snowflakes (2016)

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(Est. 2013, city) is a Snowflakes (Rus. Снежинки) created in 2015—2016, Moscow—is a 15-minute animated series by Serge Golovach [1].

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Fragment 3-rd series of the Snowflakes (2014) Photo: Serge Golovach / Antimuseum / Indexmod Encyclopedia

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Snowflakes (2016) The series

Christmas and New Year—traditionally an amazing and touching it is time in the yearbook of each person. It seems to be, and it comes naturally and calendar-linearly predictable, but still every time suddenly presents us anachronisms of the past and childhood omnipotence rampant childhood dream. Serge Golovach, a recognized master of a large photographic form, turned in his New Year’s modeling art psychology to his new—cartoon—matter of art expression, and notify a small series—snow—soap “SSS”. The motif of snowflakes in Golovach—allegory and symbolic, easy to read, the designation of a bright but brittle, uplifting us, but fading, sparkling, but momentary melting, dream magic, flight, overcome. Golovach gives the category of transient human soul. Ancestors of elementary particles and holiday dreams are connected, finding each other during a blizzard change tunings and marching society. The world’s cobalt is born something new—love.


(Est. 2013, city) is a — [1].


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Snowflakes (2016) Conspectus

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2017 Moscow

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1 Irek Suleimanov about Serge Golovach’s series at Antimuseum

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