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Sochi Fashion Week

(Rus. Неделя моды в Сочи; Сочинская неделя моды; Est. 2017 (2), Sochi) is a South Russia fashion event in Sochi [1]. 0.03 *

Name: Sochi Fashion Week
Other: SFW
Est.: 2017
Age: 2
City: Sochi
Venue: Hyatt Regency Sochi
Founder: Papin Aproyan, Nikita Shipulin
Facebook: 322
Instagram: 22700
Twitter: 0
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Russian actor Maxim Averin and designer Yulia Ivanova presenting the collection “Live!” on SFW in 2018

Galina Skorik / World Podium



Year Season Location
2017 0 “Chaika” restaurant
2018 I Zvezdny Hotel
2017 II “Chaika” restaurant [2]

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“Chaika” restaurant in the building of the Maritime Station built by the classic of Stalin’s empire Karo Alabyan

Photo: Sobaka.ru / Weekend Rambler.ru

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[1] Sochi Fashion Week (Sochifashionweek.ru)

[2] В Сочи завершилась неделя моды Sochi Fashion Week (Sochi.com)

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