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Tegin, Svetlana

(Rus. Светлана Тегин; Born 1971 (48), Kiev) is a Russian-Ukrainian fashion designer, founder of Tegin Fashion House living and working in Moscow [1]. 0.1 *

Name: Svetlana
Surname: Tegin
Other: Тегин
Born: 1971
Age: 48
City: Kiev
Venue: Tegin Fashion House
Founder: of Tegin Fashion House
Facebook: 3090
Instagram: 0
Twitter: 7
Vkontakte: 10
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 0

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Svetlana in 2018

Fedor Markushevich / Facebook


Queen of Cashmere

Svetlana is often called as “the queen of cashmere” due to collections that made of Mongolian Cashmere and also from sheepskin. The recognized style of Svetlana’s collections is due to intellectual and philosophical content behind it. Tegin uses world’s cultural heritage to develop her concepts.

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[1] Акиньшина, Тарасова и Вилкова на показе новой коллекции Tegin (7days.ru)

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