(Rus. ТехноCергей; Est. 2018 (2), Moscow) is a Russian futurologist, blogger, video artist became famous in 2019 for his caricatures on celebrities in the fashion world, based in Moscow [1]. 0.15 *

Name: TexnoSergey
Surname: Unspecified
Other: Серёжа, Sergei Kozyrev, Павел Александров
Est.: 2018
Age: 2
City: Moscow
Founder: Founder of @Texnosergey channel on Instagram
Facebook: 0
Instagram: 53900
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 0
Weibo: 0

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Texnosergey in 2019

Texnosergey / Facebook


Russian web edition Spletnik called him as “the one who describes the life of consumers of luxury items” Rus. [ obozrevatel tezhelogo luksa ] [3].

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Screen from of the Texnosergey channel on Instagram

Photo: Indexmod / Instagram


Year Milestone
2018 First publication on Instagram [3]

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Image as Pavel Alexandrov at Vkontakte (Серёжа, Sergei Kozyrev)

Photo: Unspecified / Vkontakte

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[1] Chère celine pourriez-vous s’il vous plaît présenter votre nouveau sac à mashavoguerussia, elle veut vraiment ce sac. S’il vous plaît soyez généreux, nous serons tous reconnaissants! Merci beaucoup, vraiment votre texnosergey (Instagram)

[2] Писдав, Стриптизерша, Алла Вцуми и все-все-все (Spletnik.ru)

[3] Обожаю телемагазин на диване. Это самая смешная развлекательная живучая телепередача на свете… (Instagram)

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