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(Eng. Tom; Est. 2000 (20), Toronto) is a national fashion event in Canada [1]. 0.36 *

Name: Tom
Other: Toronto Men's Fashion Week
Est.: 2000
Age: 20
City: Toronto
Venue: 1 Yonge Street Loading Dock Warehouse
Founder: Jose Jeffrey Rustia
Facebook: 17178
Instagram: 15600
Twitter: 3108
Vkontakte: 0
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
Pinterest: 48

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Jose Jeffrey Rustia a founder of Tom

Ash Reginald, @ashreginald /


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A founder of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week Tom Jose Rustia

Photo: R. S. Kane Funeral Home /

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[1] Toronto’s fashion war (

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