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Ukrainian Fashion Week

(Ukr. Український Тиждень Моди; Est. 1997 (23), Kiev) is an international fashion events in Kiev, and Odessa as Odessa Holiday Fashion Week [1]. 4.45 *

Name: Ukrainian Fashion Week
Other: UFW
Est.: 1997
Age: 23
City: Kiev
Venue: Margaritka, Arsenal
Founder: Irina Danilevska
Facebook: 29451
Instagram: 30900
Twitter: 271
Vkontakte: 10775
Vimeo: 13
Youtube: 0
Soundcloud: 0
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A contributor of the UFW Jardin Exotique from SS 2019



“Ukraine is stricken by war, corruption, and a financial crisis. At its Fashion Weeks, like Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and this past Ukrainian Fashion Week, the dichotomy between the haves and have-nots is visible and sharp: Wealthy consumers occupy the front rows; young creatives typically struggle financially, but they do compelling work. This economic disparity may be why the Vetements look is so strong here. The Paris brand’s signature hoodie is about three times the average monthly salary of around $300 in Kiev, but the city’s young people can head to a secondhand bazaar and re-create the pricey image on the cheap. [2]” – from Liana Satenstein’s report

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From a contributor of the UFW Jardin Exotique campaign of SS 2019

Photo: UFW /

“Since the rise of Vetements, post-Soviet fashion across Eastern Europe has been problematically glamourised with the term ‘soviet fashion’ bandied around as if it were a trend. But the reality is that each of the post-soviet countries with a growing fashion industry have positionings that are very different. They can’t be lumped together purely by being post-Soviet countries. Ukraine’s fashion offering for example, would be better compared to London or Copenhagen, if you were going to compare it at all.” [3] – from Grace Banks’s UFW 2019 venue report.

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