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Vardoui Nazarian

(Arm. Վարդուհի Նազարյան; Est. 2007 (13), Moscow) is a Russian women wear brand Armenian origin based in Moscow founded by Vardoui Nazarian in 2007 [1]. 0.09 *

Name: Vardoui
Surname: Nazarian
Other: VN
Est.: 2007
Age: 13
City: Moscow
Venue: R.E.D., Tsvetnoy,
Founder: Vardoui Nazarian (Gyumri, 1984)
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VN bird since 2007

VN / Facebook


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Cells and squares: image from the Vardoui Nazarian Summer’19 collection

Photo: VN /


Year City, milestone
2007 Moscow, Founding
2009 Moscow, Shortlisting at Cycles & Seasons by Master Card [2]

Vardoui Nazarian is a fashion brand created in Moscow by Armenian designer Vardoui Nazarian. Nazarian, Vardoui (Gyumri, 1984) [3] works far from Armenia but never forgets about her roots. It is the Armenian history, tradition and culture that inspire her. She presents the heritage of ancient civilization. Culture of Armenia is always traced in Vardouis works, a symbol of her brand has become a fantastic bird from Armenian legends: “In Armenian literature image of a bird is found in every work, it is a kind of leitmotif of the Armenian culture, symbolizing the awakening, rebirth, and, of course, freedom”.

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[1] Клетки и квадраты: 9 артовых образов из летней коллекции Vardoui Nazarian (

[2, 3] Vardoui Nazarian – перспективный российский дизайнер, создатель одноименного бренда женской одежды (

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