Zaloopin, Aleksander

(Rus. Александр Залупин; Born 1969 (50), Rostov-on-Don) is a Russian singer, musician, performance artist, "the first and so far the only open gay-chansonnier of Russia" [1]. 0.15 *

Name: Aleksander
Surname: Zaloopin
Other: Cock Magnet
Born: 1969
Age: 50
City: Rostov-on-Don
Venue: “Chinese Pilot Jao Da” Club Moscow (recent)
Founder: of Aleksander Zaloopin label
Facebook: 1290
Instagram: 391
Twitter: 0
Vkontakte: 47
Vimeo: 0
Youtube: 80

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Aleksander Zaloopin in 2012

Sergei Misenko / Sobaka


Alexander described himself and by media as “the first and so far the only open gay-chansonnier of Russia”, creator of “texts of the life stories, written from the first person” [2], “the father of the gay chanson, bard, voice of the generation, genius of the madmen, a favorite of women, men and not-a-men, singer of the endless snow-covered field, the King of a multi-layered messages, the most modern in art” [3] person by judgments of various journalists.

A “Fashionable artist” in London in a T-shirt “Cock Magnet” by Aleksander Zaloopin

Photo: Александр Залупин /

Singles and albums

Year Name
2011 Pir (album) [4]
2016 Alladin (single) [5]


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[1] Портреты. Александр Залупин (Sobaka, Кирилл Шаманов)

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[3] Александр Залупин 23.02 2018 (“Chinese Pilot Jao Da” Club Moscow )

[4, 5] Alexander Zaloopin, Tracks, Albums (SoundCloud ®)

[6] Александр Залупин. Музыкант (Facebook)

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